How to Plan the Best Colombia Amazon Tours From Leticia 2023

Good knowledge of the guides about the Lost City and the culture of the indigenous Kogis. There is good communication before the start of the tour that allows you to be ready for the trek to the Lost City.

Alternatively, for a more direct route, you can simply walk up the dirt road which will take about 5-10 minutes. And then just make a right to walk on the side of the road for another 2-3 minutes to get back to the parking lot at Muyil. In total it is about a 1 kilometer walk from the boat docks to the Muyil ruins car park.

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Great family time

All the major rental car companies have outlets at international airports, in capital cities, and in popular tourist destinations. Most countries allow you to drive with your home driving license, but there’s no harm in carrying an International Driving Permit just in case. You’ll pay a lot more to pick up a car in one place and drop it off at another location, and even higher premiums to cross international borders . Taxis are cheap and plentiful across Central America. However, tourists are often charged elevated rates, so try to use a radio taxi or official taxi, rather than flagging a cab down on the street. If the taxi has a meter, insist it’s turned on, or take a different cab. For longer journeys, you’ll normally have to negotiate a price – and confirm the currency!

You can book your ticket to the Statue of Unity with other attractions to visit nearby which will save your time to book everything individually. The price of the Tickets for the Statue of unity and other attractions are different. They have different options for the Tickets like Express Tickets, Viewing Gallery Tickets and Entry Tickets. Also, the Ticket Charges for different attractions vary. You can check all the ticket prices on their website. The link will be given below in the Blog post.

DIY Muyil & Sian Ka’an Cost and Prices – Total

My husband and I just returned from Mexico and used this write-up to DIY a trip to the Sian Ka’an Reserve. We had a rental car, parked at km 205 at entrance to Muyil where we paid 40 pesos each for the ruins and were able to use bathrooms. The ruins were interesting and had good tree coverage to keep cool. Signs, maps, descriptions of what you were looking at were limited and no guides available to explain, but well worth $3 for a jungle walk and self-guided tour of the small site. We then did the boardwalk with the observation tower, another 50 pesos each. Path ended at the parking lot for the boat ramp.

If you have younger kids, or have a limited amount of time , I would suggest skipping Muyil and go straight to the parking lot that leads to the dock. There is now someone who works for the park who will put you on a wait list and set you up with a guide whose boat can accomodate your party or add you to other parties on his boat. He was very friendly and the initial wait for us was 50 minutes. We were given a guide much sooner and it was just our family of five. The charge was $700P p/p and $500P for our 9 y.o. Funny is that right at the end of the boat trip, the weather got so bad and a rain was pouring for mins.

To compare Muyil to the nearby Tulum ruins or Coba, it may not quite have the same wow factor. But part of the appeal of the Muyil ruins is that you’ll likely have this archeological site nearly all to yourself. Plan to spend about minutes exploring the Muyil ruins. It’s an interesting archeological site to visit. There are a few different operators that offer a full day exploring the ocean and beachside of Sian Ka’an Biosphere Reserve.

If making the trek out to this remote town be sure to have a plan for accommodation in Punta Allen. There are a few fishing lodges in Punta Allen and prices vary. But beware that during the off-season of the summer months (May/June through November), camps and even some hotels close up. This option is best for independent travelers who have at least 2 nights and 3 days to spend traveling to and from Punta Allen. To get from Tulum to Punta Allen by car, simply head south on the dirt road past Tulum’s beachfront Hotel Zone. When the hotels end, you’ll drive through a Mayan arch.

Maybe more pricey than the collectivo but the lancha trip is like a tour in itself. To go back same way the lancha leaves at 7 20am from punta allen deck.