Enhancing Customer Experience with TCS Tracking Services

In the interconnected world of international trade and logistics, the ability to track shipments across borders is a crucial aspect of ensuring seamless global transactions. TCS (TCS Private Limited), a renowned name in the courier and logistics industry, offers comprehensive international shipment tracking services that provide customers with a global perspective on their parcels’ journey. This article delves into the intricacies of tracking TCS international shipments, offering insights into how the process works and the benefits it brings to businesses and individuals alike.

Navigating International Shipment Tracking with TCS

TCS’s international shipment tracking services offer a window tcs tracking into the global movement of parcels:

Global Network Visibility

TCS’s expansive network enables customers to track their international shipments across continents, providing a comprehensive view of the parcels’ journeys from origin to destination.

Real-Time Updates Across Borders

TCS’s international shipment tracking offers real-time updates on parcels as they navigate through various countries, customs processes, and transit points. This transparency ensures customers are always informed about the status of their shipments.

Adhering to Regulatory Requirements

TCS’s international tracking system is designed to meet international regulatory standards, ensuring that shipments are compliant with customs and import/export regulations in different countries.

TCS International Shipment Tracking Process

Understanding how TCS’s international shipment tracking works and its global perspective:

Step 1: Acquiring Tracking Information

Just like domestic shipments, every international shipment is assigned a unique tracking number. This tracking number serves as the key to accessing comprehensive tracking details.

Step 2: Accessing Tracking Channels

Customers have various channels to track their international shipments:

Online Tracking

Visit the TCS website and navigate to the international shipment tracking section. Enter the tracking number to instantly access real-time updates on the shipment’s progress.

Mobile App Tracking

Utilize the TCS mobile app to track international shipments on the go. Log in or create an account, then navigate to the international shipment tracking feature to receive timely updates.

SMS Tracking

For simplicity, send an SMS with the tracking number to the designated TCS tracking number. Receive prompt updates on the international shipment’s status.

Step 3: Understanding Tracking Statuses

TCS’s international shipment tracking system presents various tracking statuses that offer insights into the parcel’s global journey:

Shipment Booked

“Shipment Booked” confirms that the international parcel is scheduled for pickup and is awaiting collection.

In Transit

“In Transit” indicates that the parcel is on the move, transitioning between TCS facilities, international transit points, or en route to its final destination.

Customs Processing

During customs processing, the status may indicate that the parcel is undergoing customs clearance, adhering to international regulatory requirements.

Out for Delivery

The “Out for Delivery” status signifies that the parcel has reached its destination country and is being prepared for final delivery.


When the status reads “Delivered,” it confirms that the international shipment has been successfully handed over to the recipient, along with delivery time details.

Addressed Exception Cases

International shipments might encounter unique exceptions such as “Customs Delay” or “Import Restrictions,” which the tracking system provides visibility into.

Elevating the Global Shipment Experience: Best Practices

To maximize the benefits of tracking TCS international shipments and ensure a smooth global tracking experience:

  • Stay Informed: Regularly monitor tracking updates, especially during crucial international transit and customs processing.
  • Utilize Customer Support: For inquiries about international tracking statuses, TCS’s customer support is available to provide assistance.
  • Secure Tracking Details: Safeguard the tracking number until the international shipment is successfully delivered.
  • Understanding International Delays: While TCS’s international tracking updates are generally real-time, occasional delays due to customs or international logistics can occur. Patience is important.


TCS’s international shipment tracking services offer a global perspective on the movement of parcels across international borders. With real-time updates, regulatory compliance, and transparency in customs processes, TCS ensures that customers are well-informed about their shipments’ progress on a global scale. By understanding international tracking statuses and implementing the recommended best practices, customers can enjoy a seamless and well-informed international shipping experience that highlights TCS’s commitment to excellence in global logistics.